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Neuroscience 2023

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Neuroscience 2023

We welcome you and appreciate your participation at the 35th World Neuroscience and Neurology conference and substantially focuses on the theme Fostering Challenges in Neuroscience and Neurology which is going to be held during August 07- 08, 2023 at Amsterdam, Netherlands, which includes Poster presentations / Oral talks  / prompt keynote presentations / Workshops and Exhibitions .

Leading academic scientists and researchers will be gathered by Neuroscience 2023 to exchange, discuss, and share their experiences and findings on every aspect of neuroscience exploration. On behalf of the scientific committee, we'd like to extend an assignation to MDs, Masters, Ph.D. scholars, Postdoctoral Fellows, and youthful faculty members, giving them the chance to expand their knowledge over the course of two days through lectures and online shops in all areas of introductory and clinical neuroscience.

Our Neurology 2023 conference also addresses the most recent advancements in the field of neurology, and it will really be the topmost venue for attendees to learn commodity new about current developments in neuroscience exploration and development.

The main focus of the conference is "Fostering Challenges in Neuroscience and Neurology," and there as well we learned about "How does COVID 19 affect the brain" and "Digital Health Current Trends and Future Development." We will discuss the effects of COVID 19 on the brain, neuropathological features, and therapeutic alternatives. Also, we want to get a further thorough understanding of the origins, present situation, and implicit unborn directions of digital health neuroscience. All attendees are explosively encouraged to submit their abstracts for consideration for presentation at Neuroscience 2023. 


       Conference Name



    Neuroscience 2023

                  07-08 August

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

Why to attend?

This is your finest occasion to make a big impression with new remedial developments, make brand recognition, interact with current and implicit scientists, and present to the largest audience from Neuroscience & Neurology community at this two- day conference event.

Neuroscientists have made ground breaking discoveries over the once two decades, including figuring out a single gene defect that causes neurological problems, gaining knowledge of how the brain responds to social stimulants, the consummation that the brain is extremely adaptable, indeed as a grown-up. Members from each over the world are interested in learning about neurosciences and its advancements. This conference features world- famed speakers, cutting- edge styles, advancements, and the most recent advances in neurology and neuroscience.

The most recent findings and clinical practices in brain care, including styles for perfecting neurodevelopmental issues through opinion, monitoring, and operation, were presented and debated at this cutting- edge conference. It looked into ways to understand, keep an eye on, cover, and take care of the developing and developed brain. Different professionals working to improve the neurological and experimental health issues of neuro cases had access to opportunities for continuing medical education over the course of the two- day conference.

Why Amsterdam, Netherland?

Amsterdam is considered an alpha world city by the Globalization and World Cities. As the commercial capital of the Netherlands and one of the top financial centres in Europe, Amsterdam is considered an alpha world city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.

Another well-known neuroscience institute in the Netherlands is the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience (NIN), a research centre of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), which performs neuroscience studies with a focus on the brain and visual system. Despite the fact that the institute's research focuses on understanding the fundamental principles underlying brain function, it also covers the development, plasticity, and ageing of the brain useful. The programme of study is carried out by 17 research groups. The Netherlands Sleep Registry and the Netherlands Brain Bank are both included in the NIN. Therefore, it is advantageous to have the neuroscientists visit, research, and gather more information.

Target Audience:

  • Neuroscientists

  • Neurobiologists

  • Medical colleges

  • Neurophysiologist

  • Training Institutes

  • Neuroscience Nurse

  • Neurological Surgeon

  • Biological Psychologist

  • Business Entrepreneurs

  • Neurochemistry  Faculty

  • Neurochemistry Students

  • Neurochemistry Scientists

  • Neuro Drug Manufacturers

  • Neuropharmacology Faculty

  • Neurochemistry Researchers

  • Neuropharmacology Students

  • Neuropharmacology Scientists

  • Neuropharmacology Researchers

  • Neurochemistry Associations and Societies

  • Manufacturing Medical Devices Companies

  • Neuroscience Related Association and Societies

  • Neuropharmacology Associations and Societies

The scientific committee supports the submission of abstracts for presentation at the Neuroscience 2023 conference. Every abstract must be submitted, and every presentation must be given in English.

Submission Guidelines:

  • All abstracts must be submitted in English, as must the presentation of those abstracts.

  • In the abstract, there shouldn't be any unique symbols, formulas, diagrams, or data tables; instead, there should just be straightforward language.

  • The title can only be 200 characters long. Capital letters are NOT appropriate for the title.

  • Abstract text: The body text of the abstract, which includes the title, authors, affiliations, abstract, and keywords, is limited to a total of 500 words.

  • Keywords: A maximum of five keywords, separated by semicolons (;), that best sum up the study should be included at the end of the abstract paragraph.

  • Family name, initial(s), institute, university, city, nation, and email address for the corresponding/presenting author.

  • The following list includes the names, initials, organizations, universities, towns, and nations of all co-authors.

Abstracts Submission:

  • Abstracts must be submitted online to abstract submission portal Link

  • The deadline for abstract submission is Monday, July 31, 2023. After this date, abstracts won't be accepted.

  • Abstracts will be evaluated by other members of the Scientific Committee for accuracy.

Special sessions will give attendees the chance to hone in on cutting-edge subjects in neuroscience and neurology that are not covered by the conference track list or that pertain to particular professional domains.

Abstract / Poster Submission Guideline for special Session at Neurosciences and Neurology 2023

Individual papers may be submitted by participants and special session organisers through the abstract submission portal Link

(Note: When submitting their abstracts for the special issue presentation, authors are recommended to select a separate track.)

The deadline for submission is Monday, July 31, 2023. A €399 submission fee is required for each article submitted for the special session. The cost of a pre-conference or conference registration may be reduced by using this sum as a registration deposit. An author may use a maximum of two registration deposits towards their conference registration.

Paper Selection Criteria

Both the significance, originality and robustness of the material presented, as well as the clarity of concepts and organization, will be taken into consideration when evaluating the content of the papers. Commercialism should not be present in papers.

Special Session Topics :

NeuroPsychology and Mental Health (30-45 min)

Brain Health and COVID-19 (30-45 min)

Gene Therapy in Neurology (30-45 min)

Space Neuroscience (30-45 min)

For any queries, please feel free to contact us.

Email Address:

Highlights from the 35th World Conference on Neuroscience and Neurology's most recent developments. At Neuroscience and Neurology 2023, it provides a platform for open discussions, knowledge sharing, and interactive sessions with experts in the field. According to your session's interest, we ask that you submit a brief idea or abstract for your talk, presentation, symposium, or workshop.

Track 1:  Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases
Track 2: Neurosurgery
Track 3: Neuroimaging and Radiology
Track 4: MOG antibody disease (MOGAD)
Track 5: Geriatric Neurology
Track 6: Multiple Sclerosis
Track 7: Psychiarty
Track 8: Neuropathology
Track 9: Clinical Neurophysiology
Track 10: Paediatric Neurology
Track 11: Neuromuscular Disorders
Track 12: Spine and Spinal Disorders
Track 13: Neurogenetic and Neurometabolic Disorders
Track 14: Neurodegeneration and Aging Disorders
Track 15: Brain Mapping & Biomarkers
Track 16: Brain Stroke
Track 17: Brain Tumour and Gliomas
Track 18: Clinical Neurology
Track 19: Neuro Pharmacology
Track 20: Cognitive Neuroscience
Track 21: Neuro-Oncology
Track 22: Neuropsychiatry and Neuropsychology
Track 23: Aging and Brain Health

Prestigious Award for Young Research’s at Neurology 2023 – “Fostering Challenges in Neuroscience and Neurology”

The "35th World Neuroscience & Neurology Conferences" will be held in Amsterdam, Netherlands, from August 7–8, 2023, according to the announcement made by the Neurosciences 2023 Committee. The developments outlined in "Neurology 2023" are still progressing. Strategic debates are covered in the Neurology Conference programme.

Neurology 2023 Young Scientist Awards:

Young scientists, young researchers, postgraduate students, postdoctoral fellows, trainees, and junior faculty will be recognised for their excellent contributions to the conference theme by the Neurological Disorder 2023 Committee with a special prize. By bringing together professionals to discuss and share their experiences in various areas of neurology, the Young Scientist Awards make every attempt to give early-career academics a great professional development opportunity.

Outstanding Masters/Ph.D. Students in the Young Researchers Forum D./Post-Doctoral Thesis Work Presentation: Young Research Awards for the Nomination at Neurology 2023: At the Neurosciences 2023 Young Research Forum will only accept 25 presentations.


  • A certificate of recognition for recipients of the Young Scientist Award.

  • Oral presentations at our conferences provide the best platform for your research.

  • Through networking, acquire knowledge about career advancement using the most recent technologies.

  • The information presented during this forum will be current and pertinent for young scientists.

  • A platform for young researchers to work together for better development.

  • A chance to communicate with seasoned senior researchers in the subject from across the globe.

  • Discuss the concepts with prominent mentors and researchers.

  • For new researchers looking to advance their research knowledge, learning about the various research fields is a wonderful honour.

  • Young researchers, graduate students, trainees, and junior faculty with at least five years of experience.

  • The presentation must be a part of the scientific sessions of the conference.

  • Only one paper (as first author or co-author) can be submitted by each Young Researcher or Young Scientist.

  • The minimum age is 35.

  • English must be used for all submissions.

  • All programs entry
  • Reception banquet
  • 2 Coffee breaks and snacks during the two days
  • Handbook
  • Lunch during the conference
  • Conference souvenir
  • Abstracts will be published in our referred journal
  • 25% Discount on the manuscript publication fee
  • Certification by the organizing committee
  • Wi-Fi facility
  • CME-CPD Credits
  • 50% Discount for group of 10 members
  • Localities Participation Benefits:
  • 20% Discount will be provided for the participants, who are attending from the local universities and hospitals.

Only Business Visa should be applied for conference attendance and participation. Reach out to the Dutch Embassy in Amsterdam or the closest travel agency for the relevant application form.

All visas for travel to or via Amsterdam, Netherlands, must be handled by the appropriate authorities only when valid documentation has been submitted via the correct channels.

If paperwork are missing or rules are not followed, visas may be cancelled by the relevant authorities.

The minimum amount of supporting documentation that can be needed when applying for a visa to Amsterdam, Netherlands, is as follows:

  • Letter of invitation,

  • Abstract acceptance letter (if speaker),

  • Registration payment receipt,

  • Letter of confirmation of accommodation was sent on the conference letterhead.

For a letter of invitation and accommodation confirmation, payment of registration fees and accommodation charges is a pre-requisite.

For any queries mail us at

Neurodisorders Congress 2018

With great honour, Conference Series announces that the 25th World Congress on Neurology and Neuro disorders will be held in Melbourne, Australia, July 16–17, 2018. Positive responses from all over the world have been received by the 2018 Neuro Disorders Congress. This has been done specifically to promote the development of new ideas and perspectives for researching the extensive knowledge that the scientific community has amassed regarding neurology and neurological disorders. The extremely prestigious conference that Conference Series produced attracted young and intelligent academics, medical professionals, corporate attendees, and talented student groups.

In order to provide the globe with the most up-to-date information, this annual conference gathered together eminent scientists, neurologists, neuroscientists, medical professionals, university professors, and neuroscientists. However, the gathering provided an opportunity for a candid and interesting exchange of ideas and experiences.

The conference's theme was Exploring Novel Technologies in Neurology and Neurological Disorders. The event effectively introduced impending neurology-related strategies to the scientific community. The shared conceptual and practical expertise will promote cross-organizational collaborations, furthering science.

In addition to showcasing their remarkable research knowledge, the conference's presenters of note educated the audience on a range of fascinating topics related to the field of neuroscience. Several well-known individuals attended the conference, including Manjula Ricciardi from the Northland District Health Board in New Zealand, Malcolm R. Hooper from OXYMED in Australia, Adam Mate from the Stroke Association in Australia, Galia Valentinova Anguelova from the Leiden University Medical Centre in the Netherlands, and Javier Sanchez from the Surgical Medical Research Centre in Cuba.

The organising committee, chairs and co-chairs, speakers, students, media partners, and editorial board members of the journals of neurology & neurophysiology, neurology & clinical research, and journal of neurology & disorders who supported the conference in every way and enabled the impressive exhibition at the venue are all acknowledged with sincere gratitude by Conference Series.

Conference Highlights

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To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date August 07-08, 2023
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