Neuroscience Organizing Committee

Oleg Shupliakov

Karolinska Institutet,

Biography: Oleg Shupliakov has completed his PhD at Karolinska Institutet, Stockh ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neuroscience

Koji Abe

Professor and Chairman
Okayama University

Biography: Dr. Koji Abe is 61 years old man, and is currently Professor and Chair ReadMore...

Research Interest: Koji Abe has been publishing more than 350 papers on cerebra ReadMore...

Felix-Martin Werner
Euro Akademie Poßneck,

Biography: Dr. Felix-Martin Werner studied human medicine at the university of Bo ReadMore...

Research Interest: neurology and psychiatry or psycho-and neuropharmacology

Humberto Rodrigues

University of Salamanca

Biography: Bachelor and Master in Clinical and Health Psychology at Aveiro Univer ReadMore...

Research Interest: Assessment and Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, Drug Abuse ReadMore...

Joseph I. Sirven

Professor and Chairman
Mayo Clinic Arizona

Biography: Joseph I. Sirven, M.D., is a professor of neurology and editor-in-chie ReadMore...

Research Interest: Epilepsy and seizure treatments in adults and children (part ReadMore...

Alain L. Fymat

President/CEO and Professor
International Institute of Medicine & Science

Biography: Dr. Alain L. Fymat is a medical-physical scientist and an educator who ReadMore...

Research Interest: Radiology, Medicine

Riaz Ahmed

Head of Paediatric Neurology
King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital

Biography: Riaz Ahmed Competent and well trained neurologist with 2 European cert ReadMore...

Research Interest: Epilepsy management In Paediatrics and neurophysiology (elec ReadMore...

Roberto Alexandre Dezena


Biography: Roberto Alexandre Dezena M.D. is from Federal University of Triângulo ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neurology, Neurosurgery , Pediatric Neurosurgery, Endoscopic ReadMore...

Dan Suiaga

Head of Department Neurosurgery
Medilife International Healthcare

Biography: Dr. Dan Suiaga With a rich experience in all types of neurosurgical in ReadMore...

Research Interest: Clinical Science

Omar García

Mexican Society of Neurological Surgery

Biography: Dr.Omar García is currently a Professor from university Anáhuac with ReadMore...

Research Interest: Neurosurgery,Tumors, Skull base, Derivation systems,Vascular ReadMore...

Hrayr Attarian

Northwestern University
United states

Biography: Dr Attarian is currently a professor of neurology and medical director ReadMore...

Research Interest: Hrayr Attarian primary research interests are in sleep disor ReadMore...